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Jereh Engineering has a professional procurement team working closely with project engineers to identify and source the materials early in the design stages of a project. Working with Jereh Group, who has established global network of over 3000 OEM relationships, Jereh Engineering is able to ensure best pricing and delivery to meet client requirements.

Material Management
Jereh Engineering offers a full range of procurement services including management, purchasing, material coordinating, commodity inventory control, desk expediting, shop inspection and logistics planning.Jereh Engineering’s purchasing power combined with global sourcing capabilities enable purchasing leverage to be second to none. Furthermore, in Jereh Engineering:
Technical engineers exchange experience and communicate closely with OEM in order to strictly meet client requirements.
Purchasing engineers work out material plan and cost analysis according to the whole project plan.
Purchase, track and receive materials in a "JIT" environment coinciding with project fabrication scheduling program.
Maintain vendor alliances, organize regular performance review with OEM and assist with improving plans once OEM cannot meet our requirements including technique, quality, logistic and so on.
With the support of import and export business of Jereh Group, Jereh Engineering assures that all required shipping and customs documents be completed on time.



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